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New Zealand is a country of culture and lifestyle. People from different walks of life have gathered in search of opportunities. One of those people is Ava McDonald from Ireland.

Ava McDonald

McDonald migrated from Ireland to New Zealand back in 2010 when she was just 18 years of age. She was not able to finish college but was able to find a job after more than 6 months of looking for one.

Since then, McDonald worked as a technical sales support worker at a small retail company in the city of Whanganui. Other than her job, McDonald was passionate about different cultures and lifestyle.

McDonald made it a habit to write about her own culture and share it with people. She would then talk to some of her friends and co-workers who were also from other countries and learn about their culture and lifestyle.

Everything she learned from talking to people, she wrote about on her blog. One time back in March 2014, McDonald and her blog “Blink” were featured at a local radio station in the city.

It was only for 10 minutes but McDonald managed to grab people’s interest with what she had to say.

Blink Blog

In March 2014, the blog had more than 6,000 readers in total and a daily average of 550 readers. In May 2014, the blog had over 24,000 readers in total and a daily average of 4,800 readers daily.

Different companies and businesses wanted to be featured in her magazine, but she declined all offers. Instead, she roamed around the city and other cities learning more about people, lifestyle, music, and fashion.

By the end of 2014, Blink became one of the top blogs in both Whanganui and Auckland. In 2015, Blink became a team of more than 30 creative professionals from a one-man team.

Blink Team

Along with McDonald are talented writers, designers, marketing specialists and editors from all over New Zealand. McDonald even resorted to outsourcing services to introduce diversity in the team and save a lot of money. Blink is also now accepting interns mostly focused on marketing and advertising.

Lifestyle, Music and Fashion

Blink is a blog that gives you the latest updates, news, issues, and topics focused on the many lifestyles in the country, music updates and fashion trends. To date, the blog has more than 65,000 readers in New Zealand and Australia.


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