Online casino gaming is taking New Zealand by storm. The government is keeping operators in line to make sure no monkey business is going on. It is just simple casino fun but with a hint of innovation.

These days, people spend hours at home or wherever there is an internet connection just to play River belle Live casino games. New online casino games are being developed and launched these days. Developers are getting creative not only with gameplay but with design and music.

If you think about it, design and music should be secondary when it comes to online casino games. So, we are here to change all of that. Here’s a list of music titles and genres to listen while playing online casino games.

Fingerstyle Guitar Music

featured image Combining Music and Online Casino Gaming Fingerstyle Guitar Music - Combining Music and Online Casino Gaming

Have you ever heard an acoustic guitar? Every note of a song is delivered by a pluck, a strum or a tap on a guitar. Fingerstyle guitar is mostly considered acoustic but, in a way, it can be classical. The music does not have too much elements like lyrics and a bunch of transitions.

This type of music will allow you to concentrate on your game and at the same time, relaxes your mind. This is proven from our own experience. There are a bunch of YouTube channels for fingerstyle guitar music. You can enjoy hundreds of songs including new releases and classics.

Lo-Fi Music

featured image Combining Music and Online Casino Gaming Lo Fi Music - Combining Music and Online Casino Gaming

Lo-Fi music is described by many as the sound for the melancholy. It is the imperfection of music that is delivered with an aesthetic style of choice. So, Lo-Fi music tends to be relaxing and it improves focus.

Lo-Fi means low fidelity and it relies strongly on technical flaws that bring out a unique set of sounds. Some people consider this as unorthodox but, it gets the job done. It takes over the mood, but it gives you a lot of room to think and of course, enjoy your favourite casino games.

Storytelling Songs

featured image Combining Music and Online Casino Gaming Storytelling Songs - Combining Music and Online Casino Gaming

This one is an original genre we thought of. Songs tell different stories. It is a way for artists to deliver a message or share something that they find interesting. But, when we say storytelling, we mean engaging stories, for example, American Pie by Don McLean.

This song talks about the evolution of rock & roll from Elvis to the era of the Beatles. Each line tells a unique part of the entire story taken from real-life events involving the greatest rock & roll artists and bands of all time.

Another great example is the rap ballad “One Man Can Change the World” by Big Sean. This time, Sean talks about his life growing up as an African American and incorporating the story of his grandmother, the late Mildred V. Leonard.

In the song, Sean talked about how his grandmother became one of the first female black captains during the second world war.

These titles are sure to go great as you enjoy a couple of online casino games. Here’s another important tip, make sure to play in style.