Living in New Zealand is one of the greatest things in life. In our line of business, we’ve talked to a lot of people from overseas who stayed in the country for a short time. One common thing they always share about their experience is how simple and yet astounding their experience was in New Zealand.

To expand more on that, here are some of the core features of the country setting it apart from another lifestyle.

Nature Right at Your Front Door

featured image Core Features of the New Zealand Lifestyle Nature Right at Your Front Door - Core Features of the New Zealand Lifestyle

It is no doubt that New Zealand is coming far in terms of urbanisation. Auckland, little by little is becoming a city of the future. But despite the level of innovation the country achieves, everyone is still convinced that New Zealand’s natural environment is its top characteristic.

The lifestyle market offered here in New Zealand is incorporated into the country’s natural features. There are a lot of green spaces across cities. All over the country, there are mountains, plains, rivers, lakes, natural reserves, coastlines, and so much more.

One of the top-selling points of the country is the coastal lifestyle wherein people get to live by the beach. Think about it, you get to wake up to the sound of crashing waves and a lot of cultural instruments.

Work and Life Balance

featured image Core Features of the New Zealand Lifestyle Work and Life Balance - Core Features of the New Zealand Lifestyle

It is hard for employees all over the world to establish a balance between their life at work and their life at home. Most people are family-oriented here in New Zealand. That is why they see to it that they don’t let their work hinder their quality times with the family.

Don’t get us wrong though, a lot of people still bring work home. But, here in NZ, people always find a way to go the extra mile to make sure the family stays connected.

Most of our employees here are working their butts off for the entire workweek. During the weekend, they take their families on nature trips or picnics. Here in New Zealand, you don’t have to drive for hours just to get to a rural place where you can enjoy running around embraced by nature.

Respect for Different Cultures

featured image Core Features of the New Zealand Lifestyle Respect for Different Cultures - Core Features of the New Zealand Lifestyle

It does not matter where you came from. Here in New Zealand, different cultures are always welcome, and people are bounded by understanding and respect. New Zealand is highly associated with Western culture.

Their isolation and the rich culture of the indigenous Maori plays an important factor in the country’s history.

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