One of the emerging trends here in New Zealand is online gambling. That’s right, people are staying at home and fun while playing online casino games. It is casino action in the comfort of your own home.

Believe it or not, we’ve been to online casino parties. Have you ever heard of that? It is a home party but instead of people dancing and having a good time, they play online video games and have a great time.

This time, we are bringing in style. Here are some awesome ideas if you are going to an online casino party or hosting one.

Arrive in Style

Playing online casino games in your pyjamas is so out of date. Here in Whanganui, people are buying designer pyjamas just for these parties.


That is too expensive, however. One fashion trend is going back to onesies. That is right, onesies are taking online casino game parties over. People are getting creative.

Jumpsuits and Playsuits

Jumpsuits and playsuits are actually for casual events or going out under the sun. But these clothes are comfortable beyond you can imagine. Their design offers both style and comfort. Jumpsuits are unisex and playsuits, only for women.

Slots to Play

One of the top casino games people are playing here in New Zealand is a slot or slot machine. There are thousands of slot machine titles you can play online right now. However, we picked out only a couple of games we think are the best and will surely give you the excitement and thrill you need right at the comfort of your home.

Mega Moolah Progressive

Mega Moolah is big not only in New Zealand but in Australia and other nearby countries as well. The game features a 5×3 reel slot. The symbols are animals which can be a little dull but what you want are the progressive jackpot and different features.

The game’s features include a Wild symbol, Scatter symbol, multipliers, free spins and so much more. The idea with Mega Moolah is that the more you bet, the more chances of winning you get. Well, that is a common concept for other titles as well.

Cool Buck 5 Reel

This slot title relies mainly on mechanics, features, and sound effects. The game offers the usual features. But, believe it or not, what people love about the game is its simple, money-themed design. The main character cool buck is rolled in a dollar and he is smiling at you.

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